*****ESTABLISHED 1993*****


People that don't really know us may consider a bikers pub to be the last place on earth they would want to visit, or do business with, but bikers and visitors to The Vic nowadays come from all walks of life, from Surgeons to Lawyers, Actors to Nurses, we are a close knit community but always welcome strangers that are interested enough in finding out a littler more about the scene,

If your idea of going out is to feel comfortable in the surroundings, listen to some good live rock music, have a laugh and not have to watch your back, maybe The Vic is for you.

Generally The Vic is for the more mature clientele, we don't allow rowdy youngsters inside, bikers ëní truckers and live music lovers is basically who we cater for, and they love the place due to the safety feel.

In the summer we have bikers from as far as Cornwall to Scotland, Anglesey to Hull, just to visit us, even abroad, we have had bikers from France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, purely to visit The Vic for a weekend of rock music, ride outís, and British hospitality, many come camping, some stop in local hotels and guest houses.

In 2007 we even had 2 bikers from New Zealand camping, they were touring the UK and taking in The Isle of Man TT races, but even that far away they had heard of The Vic in Coalville, so camped with us for 5 nights, bikers travelling to the TT races from abroad may stopover to break the journey up.

We do many outside events and meets here at The Vic so listed below is an idea of what each night is about, we basically provide the facility for car park meetings, but weather does have a say in how many attend.

Monday nights are for 3 wheelers, that can be Reliant Robins, Bubble Cars, Trikes, anything with 3 wheels on.

Tuesday nights is car club night, any car club can meet here, ie Mini Owners, Beetle owners, Hot Rods, American cars,

Wednesday night we host Classic Wheels Night, for really old cars and motorcycles, classic, vintage and veteran are all welcome over 25 years old.

The Big One, is on a Thursday night, its our big bike night, an abundance of all sorts, from Harley Davidsons to Lambrettas, vintage to modern, with classic rock sounds drifting into the car park from the disco inside, or the occasional live band, plus the smell of fried onions from the burger van, makes a great atmosphere, you need to get there early on a good night as parking can become a problem.

We do cruise-ins every Friday night, Saturday afternoon and night, Sunday afternoon and night, which basically means if your out and about riding you can drop in for refreshments, beer, Tea, Coffee, chip butty etc etc,,, anyone wanting to sell any motorcycle items are welcome Sunday afternoons, ëífreeíí trade space is available.

We are a Real Ale Pub and working on a system where we can pour you an ale straight out the barrel situated on top of one of the bars, ëíSpeckled Heníí ëíHob Gobliníí ëíPedigreeíí etc etc etc plus we sell real ëíScrumpyíí which is naturally cloudy and pretty strong stuff.

The Vic has three stages inside the pub all with there own PA and lights, a new one is an acoustic stage in the front bar, so if you can play a guitar and want to sing a few songs or tell a few jokes come on down, there are 2 outside stages, we have a couple of marqueeís, the biggest completely fills the beer garden and so many times a year we put bands on inside and outside.

The Moxters of Rock is held once a year, always the nearest Saturday to mid-summers day, in 2011 it is on June 18th whereby 12 top tribute bands play, tickets are £25 each and has never failed to sell out.

We host the Hard Drive festival in July, usually the third weekend where 50 bands will perform over the two day period arriving from all over the UK and even abroad, we are running a new one to celebrate The Vics Birthday, , it is held on the second weekend in September, THE BOOZE FUSION FEST the first one in 2009 was her 160th since she opened her doors for the first time, let you work that one out.

The pub is gaining popularity on a daily basis, and has been on telly many times, featured on Holiday Showdown, Pub of the week on The Al Murray Show, Sept 12th 2008, been awarded top Bikers and Truckers pub by The Oldie Magazine,2008, Richard Ingram from the TV series `Private Eye` is the editor, Best bikers pub in 2006 by Motor Cycle News, featured in The Rough Pub Guide 2008 as one of Britains top 50 pubs, and written about at some point by every motorcycle publication in the country.

The pub burger van opens weekdays at 10am for breakfast and the pub itself opens at 10am for plated meals and sells alcohol from 11am, one of the best places around for an ëíENGLISHíí meal, juicy Steaks, Gammons, fry ups, it acts as a cafÈ in the day and early evening weekdays, and a rock venue on weekend nights, and is the only pub in the UK that has Ministry of Transport approval to run a motorcycle training school from one of it car parks, Our Burger Van is also very popular on weekend evenings, as well as serving locally made award winning burgers and sausages and bacon buttys till the early hours at weekends, most diners love our food, you ask for a chip butty at The Vic and youíll be getting hand peeled and cut chips, no frozen chips here.

Couples want to get married at The Vic,(which we are looking into), but itís a great pub also to call your local, you can come in knowing nobody, and go out knowing everybody, a very very friendly pub that earns respect from all its customers, who do tend to look after it and keep it that way, if you know what I mean, the website is worth a look at to, in some places a little naughty and raunchy, but hey, its all fun, and what were about.

The Vic is the first bikers pub in the UK to be recognised in a way that Leicestershire County Council have installed brown tourism signs for us.

In fact so popular has The Vic become one little lady has had a tattoo of the logo on her back. see the pics page Ö

Give us a try,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Vic has helped put Coalville on the map probably more so than any other attraction and has run more charity events than most would endeavour toÖ..

On Jan 1st or 2nd if the 3rd isn't a work day, we host the Brass Monkey Run, started in 1995, bikers travel to the Vic from all over the UK to join in the ride around The Charnwood Forest.

This event raises hundreds of pounds for Rainbowís childrens hospice in Loughborough,, The Air ambulance receives many hundreds of ££££££sss from us every year, we raise money for this charity every minute the pub is open by having a magazine rack inside the pub, bikers donate there old magazines and we sell them on for £1, which goes straight into there collection box.

Riders for Health did benefit from us,( look at there website :- ) we did help with the Day of Champions at Donington Park until they moved the GP to Silverstone, the ride out started at Mallory Park, 400 plus riders would head for The Vic, and we fed them each a bacon butty tea or coffee, we have 2 hours and get through one hundred pound in weight of bacon, 20 gallon of water for drinks, the idea was a few of the GP stars come to The Vic for breakfast, and we turn it into a chat show on stage, after this, the bikers would leave for Donington Park, this attracts a lot of media interest as it raises close to 200 grand for there cause, Princess Anne is patron of the charity and we have been lucky enough to meet her at the charitys open day and she shown a lot of interest in what we are doing at The Vic.

Famous faces are plentiful, Martin Johnson the England Rugby star paid us a visit, James Toseland the 2004 and 2007 world superbike champion has played with his band many times to help raise money for Riders For Health, ChasëníDave was here in 2006, Eric Bell co founder of Thin Lizzy, The 2 Hairy Bikers dropped in to help cook the bacon one year for the Day of Champions ride in, and were astounded at the level of organisation needed to make things run smoothly.

Motorcycle stars include Colin Edwards, Leon Haslam, Steve Plater, the late David Jeffries, Jamie Whitham, (have you seen his video it hilarious Shaky Byrns, John Hopkins, and many more, hope to see you one day.